Selasa, 24 September 2013

English Subject Assignment Version 1

Crowded , English II class in room 311 so dense . I fear I will be scolded for coming late to class , but it disappears when looking at the classrooms are so crowded . Does not seem worth it , because Airlangga University which said as world class university , shows a view of a small classroom filled with students very much . Momentarily, my wonder about the overload classrooms disappeared anyway , actually it is not the first time I saw scenes like this . Even so, I can say , the most severe this time . Until the lecturers do not have much room to move.

Amazing , Lecturer in English this time was a young beautiful woman . Makes me want excited and want to be active in class. But at last , my english skills are in basic level , its dashed all my wishes . I think I have to learn and a lot to ask friends about the English language materials , also the diction in writing english language.

Now , contract courses that have been described , more emphasis on writting . Then at intervals of lectures, many gave comments about the functions of writting Writing to Inform , writing to Publish , writing to remember , writing to Brainstorming , writing to giving opinion, etc.

Deflection from the topic , after explaining a contract Mrs Lecturer showing a funny video , unique , and philosophyc and this is the first time i saw this video . In the video, a lot of funny scenes which then makes me thought . Its About the students who have read a lot of books and lots of pages to reduce mealtime and bedtime . Of students who buy a lot of books that actually has not been read . I also thought about some of the books that I bought that I have not finished reading . Some web pages , pdf -formatted file that I downloaded and I never finished reading.

Remember , yes I still remember the first time when I was in college , being and has spirit of enthusiasm. Buying a Laptop to do the work and learn programming. But in the end , I just addicted to playing PES games , watch movies , to facebook 's, until my mark was falling down . I feel ironic with some scenes in the video. Especially about education changing times . in the old education system , there's only one board which can be central of information. Without any video , music , pictures , etc . Today's lecture focuses precisely splitted with a multifunctional laptop. The video even looks cute in the beginning , more and more makes me pause and think . It is true , in terms of lectures , information alone is able to look beyond the classroom. It is ironic , those who pay dearly for college , to seek debt from discharge , not necessarily to get a job and a decent future. Who got the job was , perhaps just a few percent remaining of his relationship with the course material, very little knowledge is applied later.

And The Video, Check This Out in this link :

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