Selasa, 19 November 2013

free Topic : Internship report is the unpredictable task

I did not expect , 7th semester course load was very heavy
I started with an internship at the BMKG Juanda Meteorological Station .
I thought , after this I'm going to finish the Internship report
Apparently, the early start of the semester 7 , has a huge list of papers and reports should I do
I had to do a paper Capita Selecta Algebra , Capita Selecta Analysis , and Advanced Operations Research Papers .
For 2 months , the Internship report turns out tasks still unfinished
I'm confused , I have to finish this as soon as possible
Finally I leave all the other paper assignment
The result , the report still not finished my street vendors , and I still have to finish the task on another Subjects
I do not think that the task is to destroy all the street vendors my other job
The lesson I can take from this is
7th semester students had been taught how to self-Math independence was marked with number assignment report
If the allocated tasks are chores or homework in general
They can still imitate his
They can still leave the task intentionally faulty workmanship , so the task is completed
But this time the other , they are required to systematic and factual in working papers and reports

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